FSTechnology SpA is the company owned by the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group that is dedicated to technology and innovation. The mission of FSTechnology is to strengthen and support digital innovation, ensuring top levels of quality, efficiency and time to market in customer services.

Amongst the various initiatives that are aimed at adopting new technologies such as blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the lnternet of Things (IoT), which are based on modern cloud computing infrastructure and on innovative 5G networks, particular attention has been paid to the optimisation of predictive diagnostics, which will allow a reduction in the amount of time in which railway infrastructure cannot be used when there is a breakage or anomaly, and will mean that the punctuality and regularity of rail traffic can be improved.

So as to improve the effectiveness of the investments, FSTechnology will reduce time to market – the time that elapses between when a product is conceived and its actual application – thanks to a global vision of the IT services that the group needs, and to the management, centralised control and standardisation of processes and tools. To meet the FS Italiane Group’s strategic goals for digital innovation, this evolution will take place using synergies between co-working models, the full use of key internal skills, and the systematic assessment of business opportunities.

Our values

Customer centricity
We share challenges, strategy and business objectives with our customer, with dedicated support based on the needs of the individual companies.
Innovation DNA
We support customers' business by enhancing new technologies, bringing the most innovative, sustainable and concrete solutions to meet specific needs.
End-to-end solutions
We produce and deliver end-to-end quality and effective solutions, guaranteeing a fast go-to-market thanks to consistent and reliable tools, methodologies, expertise and technologies.
Enhancement of people
We recognize and consolidate the quality of all our people; we involve them in challenging activities and we value their IT ecosystem management capacity and their know-how; we attract new people with distinctive skills
Control and asset's regard
We protect corporate assets by enhancing their full potential to support our clients' strategies.
Flexible, inclusive, efficient
Adattiamo le nostre metodologie e il modello operativo alle esigenze dei nostri clienti per creare un ecosistema che li supporti al meglio, con una macchina strutturata ed efficiente.