The means for development of the Northwest

The FS Group’s digital transition in support of Italy

18th May 2021

Danilo Gismondi, CEO of FSTechnology and guest of during the webinar “The means for development of the Northwest – Digital Infrastructure”.

What is the action plan for businesses and the territory in terms of enhancing and digitising the infrastructure of the Liguria Region? This is the question we sought to answer, also talking about the digital transition taking place in the FS Group in support of the country.

There are two leading projects that will change the way we travel and that will direct the maintenance and installation of new works.

Smart station

The digitisation of the stations (with more than 90 already in the Northwest) through three technological concepts:

  • predictive diagnostics
  • smart turnstiles
  • digital corridors (enhancement of 5G connectivity)

Climate change risk platform

The digital project behind the sustainability and growth of the country, to better understand how railway and motorway infrastructure can be impacted by climate and environmental changes in the long term, and thus facilitate the anticipation of risks to and dangers for critical infrastructure.