Advanced Sales Platforms to help customers to satisfy their needs. We developed an integrated multichannel, multimodal and multicompany commercial platform.


From Industrial Variance Analysis to Digital Maintenance and smart operations management. Innovative technology solutions to optimize the use and management of fleet and crew turnover.


To provide updates on the train status and connections. A video and audio information system to provide what you need during your trip.


Simplify your journey using a platform that proposes to you all the means of transport. All the transport offering accessible in a single point.


Gain data insight to drive business using a data driven approach. Capacity to built customized UX/UI business intelligence platforms with machine learning and data science backbones for advanced analytics.


Digitalization of technical and regulation documents, at service of the crew! Around 13K Tablets Android were made available to all Trenitalia conductors and train drivers.


Reporting real time financial data. A multicompany suite for CFO in order to analyze the company’s performance (S4HANA, tableau the board real time, analitycs insight, revenue management).


Creation of transversal Competence Centers to strengthen the quality, efficiency, and innovation of services through a unified and synergetic Government of the Factories.


Solutions for Infrastucture. Centralized management of IT and TLC infrastructure to generating operational synergies and ruling evolution in a unified manner.


From idea generation to industrialization. We have the know how and power to understand business needs and prototype integrated physical (IoT, sensors, edge technology) and software solutions.