Extended Customer Experience

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The multimodal travel platform to simplify the journey.

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All the transport offer accessible in a single app. Plan your trip and buy with a click!

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It guides and supports the customer during the trip (assistance, updated info on intermodal connections, delays).

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In addition to helping you organize your travels, Ece also suggests different possibilities for recreation in your destination for a unique travel experience.

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It simplifies the interaction with the customer through new communication tools (Survey, Chat, Community).

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The role of the IT Italferr department of FSTechnology

Since 2012, the Italferr IT department has been promoting the introduction of the BIM methodology.

At the end of 2013, it coordinated a group of designers from the Technical Department in a pilot project, the purpose of which was to determine the future adoption of BIM for the design of railway infrastructure.

Based on the success of this pilot project, in 2014-2018 the first Italferr BIM project was launched: the Red Line North Underground for Qatar Rail. This was the first experience in Design&Build in an international context with an extremely high level of structuring and specialisation and with the involvement of a diverse and multicultural team.

Currently Italferr IT, having joined FSTechnology, provides support, above all in managing the collaboration platform and the software platforms for modelling. Performs research and experimentation activity regarding BIM, aiming for ongoing innovation both from a technological perspective and from a process point of view, to support the core activities (works planning and management) of Italferr, an FS Group company.

In September 2017, the integration project between the BIM and GIS (Geographic Information System) platforms in use was launched, for the management of the entire life cycle of a linear infrastructure. The results obtained are at the forefront worldwide and have led it to gain, including the various awards, including the Special Achievement in GIS 2019 from the company Esri (a global leader in GIS).