Design, development and maintenance of ICT solutions

Development services include the software development actions necessary for the evolution of the existing systems and the development of new applications through the use of any commercial frameworks and packages.

Development services are specifically for:

  • Design and Development of new SW applications and Evolutionary/Ameliorative and Adaptive Maintenance;
  • Evolutionary, adaptive and ameliorative development and maintenance of ad hoc software (i.e. Specific software developed based on functional and technical requirement of the Client Company);
  • Customisation and parametrisation of commercial solutions, open source software or reused software;
  • Evolutionary and adaptive maintenance.

Technological adaptation services (infrastructure consolidation, technological evolutions, version updating, etc.) also fall within the framework of development services.

Digital & data transformation

In association with the Client Company, FST will provide the design and prototyping services and any implementation of solutions regarding digital innovation supporting the business.